Copyright 2009

The Mind Is Flat: a performance for two voices and one actor.

This is the recording of a first version of this work; the piece was written for live performance but, over a number of weeks during Lockdown it was workshopped and rehearsed with Richard Lowdon online using Zoom. I was in London, Richard in Sheffield. I am hoping that at some point we will be able to stage an expanded version of the piece for live audiences. I am very grateful to Richard for his incredible craft as an actor and his advice and insight as we refined the piece. I would also like to thank Bill Broady and Richard Price, both of who gave me invaluable help in the early stages of writing.

It takes the title of Nick Chater's book "The Mind is Flat" but is not in any way an attempt to stage or interpret his work on human cognition; reading his book has certainly been an important influence on this and other work, but in truth I just couldn't resist the wordplay (given that one of the protagonists is a vinyl LP).

I've recreated the Zoom format in this version more as a kind of afterthought - it wasn't an essential ingredient in the piece.

I hope that at some point in the future it will be possible to produce a live version of "The Mind is Flat" .