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These are a selection of images from the exhibition "A Ciascuno Il Suo".
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All photographs by Julian Lister unless otherwise stated. view 01 web.jpg
Exhibition View: RadioGrammaton Mix 2, A Ciascuno il suo and... view 02 web.jpg

Exhibition View: A Ciascuno il suo and RadioGrammaton Mix 2 side on full web.jpg

RadioGrammaton Mix 2 close up  web.jpg

RadioGrammaton Mix 2, detail. face on 02 web.jpg

RadioGrammaton Mix 2. machine and alien longshot web.jpg

Installation View: A Ciascuno Il Suo and The Fainting Machine portrait web.jpg

A Ciascuno Il Suo, detail - the Trafalmadorean machine 01 web.jpg

The Fainting Machine machine lamps only 01 web.jpg

The Fainting Machine Detail - the lamps. details web.jpg
The Fainting Machine details - Argos Panoptis, Appropriate Objects... unit 2 views web.jpg

The Fainting Machine detail - the control unit.